Home Movie Certification Program

Home Movie Certification 8 Module Program

New Session to start October, 2015

Increase your skills, confidence and make that quantum leap by becoming an expert in home movies and archival footage through our 8 week certification program. Our intensive training is focused on industry best practices for working with archival footage.  We focus on exposing “reel solutions” to create a media legacy that lives!

This Class is For Photo Organizers, Professional Organizers, Archivists, Family Historians, Documentarians, Memory Keepers and anyone who works with legacy footage!  

What Others Are Saying:


“Taking this course was fantastic and so worthwhile.  As a personal photo organizer, I have clients who have inquired about what to do with all their old home movies.  I am so excited to have learned enough to be confident about the knowledge I can share, as well as the enthusiasm to get reconnected with their past.  I encourage all photo organizers to take this class! ” -Jennie Griggs Everlasting Moments 
“Fantastic course -the knowledge you gain is so important in helping clients make decisions that will impact their irreplaceable memories! Thank You Rhonda!” -Mollie Wasserman Owner & Chief Story Teller http://www.YourMemoriesAtHand.com
“Through my experience on the Women’s Film Preservation Fund committee, combined with preserving my own home legacy materials over the years, I have a certain level of understanding about film preservation, digital access and the importance of it all. Your Home Movie Legacy Certification Program, however, has not only broadened my understanding of conserving and making accessible personal audio visual legacies, but the class made it interesting, fun and comprehendible. This is a course that anyone, with or without previous knowledge, can grasp and make sense of. It is for any professional who does this kind of consultation work, as well as anyone interested in preserving their home movies properly, sharing it with friends and family and/or the public at large. Home Movie Legacy and Pro8mm have created valuable resources through all their outreach efforts.” -Kirsten Larvick

“I am so pleased that I decided to take this Home Movie Certification Class.  It has enriched my knowledge of Home Movie Transfers.  Rhonda is an excellent teacher and walks you through the process with ease and clarity.  This is a must for all Photo Organizers even if film editing is not something you want to venture into.  Just the knowledge will help you sell a better product to your client.” -Regina Sanchez, Professional Organizer



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What’s Included:

  • 8 modules (participate live or listen to the replay) 60 minutes long
  • Pre-work
  • Homework
  • Home Study DVD Bonus Material
  • Assessment workbook for client use
  • E-Book: Get Reel About Your Home Movie Legacy…Before It’s Too Late!
  • Certification Exam
  • Certification Logo for your website
  • Certificate of Completion to show your clients

Tentative Dates and Preliminary Content

Tuesdays 4PM PST (7PM EST)

Module 1: Sprocket to Me (Oct 6)

  • Learn to identify different all the different film formats
  • Learn to identify film with sound
  • Learn the various companies that manufactured film
  • Learn about obscure formats
  • Learn what to do with film that was never developed
  • Learn how to use clues from the boxes and notes to get client emotionally invested in their material

Module 2: Cutting Through The Red Tape ( Oct 13)

  • Learn how to identify video formats

Module 3:  The Whole 9 Yards “REEL” Solutions to calculating footage (Oct 20)

  • Learn How to calculate the amount of footage on a reel or tape

Module 4: See What Condition My Condition Is In (Oct 27)

  • Learn how to identify common film and tape problems such as vinegar syndrome, mold, curling, torn and broken material, water damage and more
  • Learn best practices and top tips for archival preservation

Module 5: It’s A Codec Moment  (Nov 5)

  • Learn what the different file formats are
  • Learn the difference between .mov .avi  ProRes and universal file formats
  • Learn about compressions/decompressions
  • Learn about image quality
  • Learn about editing platforms
  • Learn about hard drive to data file ratios

Module 6: How Scantastic! (Nov 10) 

  • Learn about scanning options
  • Learn about scanning equipment
  • Learn about dirt and scratch concealment
  • Learn about tools that improve the picture
  • Learn about frame rates

Module 7: Is The Flow A Go? –The Pro8mm Workflow (Nov 17)

  • Learn the Pro8mm workflow
  • Learn how to fill out the work order form
  • Learn how to fill out the digital mastering form
  • Learn how to pick a frame set up

Module 8: That’s A Wrap! (Nov 24)

  • Review for the Certification Exam

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Before August 6: $198

After Aug 6 – Oct. 6 : $298

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