Show # 1 Launch of the Home Movie Legacy Project (Jan. 9)

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Phil Vigeant, Owner of Pro8mm

Phil Vigeant, Owner of Pro8mm

Author of The Power of Super 8 Film: Insider Secrets Every Filmmaker Should Know

Summary: The debut episode of The Home Movie Legacy Project was a content rich hour that addressed why home movies are such a vital part of our culture. They are the most organic form of physical evidence that we have about our families. Home movies help us to shift our focus and transform our understanding of how our families lived. They help us to access our memories in such a powerful way, often giving us huge breakthroughs so we can shift our focus and transform our understanding so we can move forward in our life. They help us heal and connect with our departed loved ones. They create a legacy of story that we can hand down so our descendants will know how we lived.

The episode covered the evolution of the home movie, including formats such as 16mm film, regular 8 film, super 8 film, and the many formats of digital video. We talked about the digital dilemma we have in trying to bring all these many formats into our modern lives, so we can have access and share them in a modern platform, including sharing them on social media.

Guest Phil Vigeant is the business partner and husband of host Rhonda Vigeant. Phil shared how his company, Pro8mm of Burbank, CA evolved, and the Super 8 film format being used by consumers to shoot home movies or a format widely used by students in film school, to one that provided solutions for the professional use of Super 8 film as a production format widely used in Hollywood. The company was originally called Super8 Sound. Founded in Cambridge, MA by Bob Doyle in 1973, Phil talks about the companies early professional jobs, including the famous commercial shot for Nike using the Beatles song nike-logo “Revolution” in the early 80’s, to Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” Music VideoStraightUp in 1988, and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas as You” in 1994 Mariahcareymerrychristmas
This began the evolution of Super 8 to be used professionally for thousands of jobs in main stream media jobs, including major motions pictures such as Argo, Super 8 and JFK, hundreds of jobs for MTV and VHI, commercials for major brands, and dozens of television shows.
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The episode concludes with how all the studio work inspired their clients to go back to their own families home movies and first films often shot on Super 8 (people such as Steve Spielberg, George Lucas, Steven Soderbergh, Christopher Nolan, J.J. Abrams, Sam Rami, and Spike Lee) and why they wanted Pro8mm to handle their personal media assets the same way they have had their professional media assets handled, with the same level of integrity and on the same professional equipment.

Rhonda and Phil wrap by sharing that this service is not just for the moguls, but for the masses, and that through the weekly radio show their goal is to teach and inspire people how to be head of their own studio, to give their home movie legacy the same red carpet treatment that famous people do and do it with urgency…before it’s too late!

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Nike Revolution Super 8 Commericial
Paula Abdul – Straight Up
Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You