Show #10 How to Make A Community Super Gr8 Through Sharing a Love for Shooting Film (Mar.13)


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super gr 8 posterSome of the greatest ideas that produce the most outstanding results are birthed from aficionados who have a passion so strong that they want to share it with friends and neighbors.  The idea that “home movies” can have a much larger impact on our community than what we shoot as a cultural and historical scrapbook of our annual Labor Day Parade, sports events, High School Graduations and notable community events (past and present) has had tremendous success in one college town in Virginia.

Paul Somers put together his passion and love of film and love for his community of Harrisonburg, and co-founded (along with fellow resident Tim Estep) a most unusual event: – community filmmaking on old school super 8mm home movie film and cameras.

The awesomeness and uniqueness of Super GR8 is the reach it has to a massive number of community members to get involved with it as filmmakers, cast, crew, sponsors, and so much more.  Listen to the podcast to find out about the unique energy and enthusiasm that surrounds the Super GR8 Film Festival and how it has transformed an entire community to have a heightened sense of identity and camaraderie to bring an abundance of joy to the residents.

As they say in Harrisonburg, Life Is Super GR8!

Super Gr8 Trailer 2012

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Paul Somers and Tim Estep – Founders of the Super Gr8 Film Festival

Bio:  Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Paul Somers has enjoyed documenting, arranging and archiving the world around him since childhood. His first camera was found on the beach by the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina. Left by tourists, this little camera began his obsession with photography, which soon spread into video and film as well. Somers has worked on a variety of film projects and is the co-founder of The Super Gr8 Film Festival in Harrisonburg, Virginia where he now lives. He is owner and operator of Paul Somers Photography and a sort of photographer-in-residence at Alley Cat Tattoo, which sits right next to his studio. He appreciates all forms of photography; both still and motion, but especially recognizes the importance of real film and how vital it is to preserve its use and existence. He is most happy when a camera is keeping his hands company and his eye is on the trail of some image or sequence. Currently, he is working with a group of eighth graders to make films on a single cartridge of Super 8. He also leads a summer camp for Super 8 film making for kids in collaboration with The Arts Council of the Valley. Paul Somers is also an active poet writing out of his experience/existence as a single father, man and/or human being. Currently he is working on a chapbook of poems titled “Fight Songs,” illustrated by artist Elliott Downs. Somers also curates a small gallery and organizes special events at The Artful Dodger.

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