Show #15 Using YouTube Content for Historical Research? Why Hiring an Archival Researcher is an Indispensable Investment – with Rosemary Rotondi (April 17)

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rosemaryrotundi(1)Many filmmakers who embark on a documentary or family history project are confronted with the daunting but crucial task of doing research to support their story. Good research makes your project credible, accurate and compelling. While we think we can find out anything we need to know on Google or YouTube, much of the content uploaded to social media is not necessarily accurate. Experienced researchers add considerably to the quality of a documentary, film, commercial or video art tape. A skilled researcher is able to identify and evaluate imagery, better matching the visuals to your requirements. An adept, skilled researcher saves money and time.

This week, our guest on The Home Movie Legacy Project is Rosemary Rotondi, an archival film, and photo and network news researcher for 27+ years.

Her credits list includes Matt Wolf’s documentary TEENAGE; Inside Job by Charles Ferguson, winner of the 2011 Academy Award for Best Documentary;Bettie Page Reveals All by Mark Mori; Herblock-The Black and White by Michael Stevens and George Stevens, Jr.; Our Nixon by Penny Lane and Brian Frye; Admiral Rickover: The Father of Nuclear Power by Michael Pack; Making the Boys by Crayton Robey; Beneath the Olive Tree by Orama Pictures and HBO’s documentary We Stand Alone Together which accompanied its series Band of Brothers.

Current projects include Albert Maysles’ untitled documentary on Iris Apfel;Genomania by Stephanie Welch and Paragon Media; Sam Green’s documentary on The Guinness World Book of Records; Michael Levine’s documentary on the Streits Matzo Factory among others.

Ms. Rotondi’s website is

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