Show #17 “Do Si Do In The Sky” The U.S. Army Helicopter Square Dance Team (May 1)

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helicopter1Filmmakers Cameron Mitchell and Kevin Walker are telling a story of our American past that has not been told before. It is the story of CWO Fred O. Bell as he recounts tales of the first US Army Helicopter Squaredance Team.   Created in the 1950’s the team was created to promote helicopters at airshows  The Square Dance Team, which was first based at the Army Aviation School, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, and then at the Army Aviation School, Ft. Rucker, Alabama, demonstrated from 1951 to 1962. The purpose of these early precision flight groups was to show the public the skills associated with helicopter flight thereby attracting pilots. Thus began one of the most remarkable recruiting efforts by the US military.

Mitchell and Walker have collected rare home movie footage showcasing these performances , along with interviews

The unit  flew the popular “Bozo” the clown ship–an H-13E painted red, white and black wearing a clown nose and hat.

BIOS: Kevin Walker graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Visual Media Arts.  He has numerous directing, producing  and editing credits including Gamna, Going Home, 32 Hours and 7 Minutes, The Queen, Gracies and The Tin Man Project.

Cameron Mitchell is an Emmy Award Winning Camera Man and Director of Photography who has been shooting a wide variety of productions from red carpet events for the Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, movie premieres, to documentaries and more. He has spent over seven years shooting the very popular PBS Television show “California’s Gold”. His company, Cameron Mitchell Productions specializes in producing videos for the Winery and Hospitality industry.

You won’ t want to miss this show!

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  1. Jack Drum says:

    I was a helicopter mechanic at Ft. Benning Ga. from 1957 thru 1958 and was a crew chief on a H-34 helicopter.
    When the Square Dance team came in for a show, I was one of the crew chiefs from the 4th aviation co. that serviced the square dance team ships and got to fly right seat through some of the practice, but not the square dance routine.

    Wondering where I can find some of the old tapes or video of the Square Dance team doing their show.

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