Show #18 Confessions of a Film Whisperer (May 8)

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Becker, Snowden 20074070SNOWDEN BECKER has been a leader in the field of moving image archives and amateur film preservation since 2001. She is a co-founder of the international Home Movie Day event and the non-profit Center for Home Movies, and has hosted a number of local Home Movie Day events in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas over the last ten years. She holds an MLIS degree from UCLA and is completing a PhD in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin; her doctoral studies explore the archival aspects of evidence management practices in law enforcement agencies, which is just one of many research areas that have grown out of her long-standing interest in home movies and amateur film. She has also written, taught workshops, and presented on a wide variety of other topics, including the use of home movies in the study of autism and mental illness; home movies as historical evidence and public records; and incorporating amateur films into multi-disciplinary research and teaching projects.

Her work as a “film whisperer” has led to the rediscovery and preservation of numerous exceptional, unique, or previously-thought-lost films, often under truly bizarre circumstances. In every case, she brings a scholar’s eye, a can-do attitude, and the enthusiasm of a true film fan to the question of “what is on this old reel—and what in the world should we do with it?”

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