Show # 21 Video Killed the Radio Star (not!) May 29th with Phil Vigeant

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Phil Vigeant is the radio star this week as we talk about Encoding Video Tape to Digital.

Like your aging film collection, your videotapes are also at risk and should be digitally re-mastered.  Even though video technology is not as old as film, it has a much shorter shelf life.  Film is the only proven archival medium and will out live any tape format.  So what do you need to know so you can insure that the material will be viewable and safe moving forward into the future?

Both consumers who have a plethora of various tape formats from VHS, High8mm video, 8mm video and mini DV, as well as filmmakers who have Digibeta, Beta SP and ¾” tape will hear from the expert about encoding options, and workflows.

Phil will talk about the high-quality video encoding system that we use for film at  Pro8mm and share the 3 step VIP process of:

-Keep the original tape masters safe

-Make a high-quality digital master file and encode it onto a hard drive

-Create fun, user-friendly digital versions such as DVD’s, Blu-Ray, iTunes files, iPad files, etc. from the digital master.



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