Show #24 The Art and Technology of Super 8 Filmmaking -with Daniel Jacobo (June 19)

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Most people would agree that the film vs. video war is over and video was the clear winner.  But there is a whole generation of young people creating media who never went through the “great debates” because they have only known a predominantly digital world.

Join us today as we have a lively conversation with college Professor Dan Jacobo who believe that there is an art and a technology of Super 8 Filmmaking that is fundamental to school and programs that teach media education.

Bio: Daniel Jacobo is professor of Broadcasting and Cinema, at Chaffey College – Rancho Cucamonga, CA and teaches courses in radio, television, Super 8 movie production, editing, screenwriting, and cinema studies.

He earned an M.F.A. degree from the UCLA School of Film and Television and is currently a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  He serves as a panel judge for the Emmy’s Foundation annual summer internship program.

His latest production, “The Aztlan Chronicles” is a video series about the lives of the Indigenous peoples of the American Southwest and incorporates the art of the Super 8 image.



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