Show# 38 Two Different Guests – Two Different Film Genres (Oct. 2)

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This week we switched up our regular platform and had two different guests join us.


Debbie Turner

sound of music
Listen in as Debbie Turner, former Child Actress who played Marta in The Sound of Music talk about what it was like to be in this iconic family film and current legacy projects as we approach the 50th Anniversary of the films 1965 release.  Check out Debbie’s work and upcoming projects.

Meet Debbie and the original Sound of Music 7! In Hollywood October 5 -7!

Purchase “The Family von Trapp” Poster designed by Debbie, HERE!

Debbie Turner’s Latest Works on FaceBook

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cult epics


german angst






Guest two is Nico B, owner of Cult Epics Films joins us to  talk about some of the famous underground and banned films he represents, as well as his new Kickstarter for Jorge Butteriests “German Angst”




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