Show #42: Shot on Film: JFK and The Zapruder Footage: A 50 Year Retrospective of the most studied home movie (Oct. 30)

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abraham zapruderThe most famous home movie footage of all time was shot by private citizen Abraham Zapruder on November 22, 1963.  He filmed JFK’s assassination with his home movie camera as the motorcade passed by  his unobstructed view.  This footage has become the most studied and controversial  home movie footage of all times.  It has  been central to all the theories, cover-ups and Hollywood movies made about this infamous day.  Listen in as Rhonda and Phil talk about these 27 seconds of 8mm  film and the time line from when they were shot, processed, copied, studied and where they are now.  Learn how frames could have been printed out of sequence when copies were made of the original footage, and our thoughts about the famous “missing frames” .  This is an extremely interesting show.   Find out about Pro8mm’s involvement in both the 1991 film JFK by Oliver Stone and, The November 10, 2013 world premiere on National Geographic of Killing Kennedy by Ridley Scott.


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