Show # 47 Music, Motorcycles and Mentorship Are The Rock and Roll Keys To Success – with Tim Gillette (Jan. 8)

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Many people use their own home movies in their journey of self-discovery.  While these films offer us much insight as to who we are and what our family dynamics and culture is,  they can also reinforce self limiting beliefs that hold us back from reaching our greatest potential.  This weeks expert guestTim Gillette will share with us his  mentorship strategy  for getting what you want in life.  Listen in and learn about Tim’s system for obtaining the keys to business succes.  Tim Gillette is the Creator of the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success – Using Music, Motorcycles and Mentorship to teach Entrepreneurs to become Leaders in their industry.”

In his presentations, Tim uses lessons learned from his love for Rock ‘n’ Roll music, traveling an average of 30,000 miles annually on his Harley Davidson motorcycle, coaching clients, and speaking to audiences. He shares his passion for mentorship and leadership using examples from his own business experiences as well as his journeys around the country.

Tim teaches and coaches entrepreneurs to use non-traditional ideas, to grow their business and stand out as leaders at his 3-day Rock ‘n’ Roll Entrepreneur Boot Camp  every April and October in Dallas, TX.  Tim speaks to corporations about thinking like a Rock ‘n’ Roll entrepreneur to grow your company. He also speaks to colleges, at professional seminars, and association meetings about how to stand out in the world as a Rock ‘n’ Roll leader.

Tim’s background has been in creating and recreating small to medium businesses, including spending close to 20 years in the car wash and auto body industry. Tim is also partner in X2 Investments LLC, a Dallas-area real estate investment company which he co-founded in 2009.


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