Show #5 Surfs Up! Telling Surf Heritage Through Story and Film (Feb. 6)


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Surfing and home movie cameras have been part of each other’s culture for decades. While there are dozens of commercially produced surf films, beach party films, surf narrative and documentaries, the home movie camera has captured millions of feet of dramatic encounters of riding the wave. This is a tradition that continues today.

But what are the back-stories behind the culture and the surfer? Who are these legendary “Mad Men”, and Women? What is their story?
jedThis week my guest was Jed Justeson who shared some amazing stories about the pioneers of surfing he interviewed as part of the Oral History Project at the Surfing Heritage Foundation. He has directed and recorded audio/video oral histories, archiving interviews of surfers in California and Hawaii, and has recently completed the production which is a promotional Oral History DVD for that organization.
Jed shared with us great tips of what you need to think about in order to capture a compelling Oral History for your project, and how to get the most out of creating a story sound track for your home movie or documentary.
Tech Talk with Phil Vigeant examined different types of audio sound tracks that may show up with an archive and how they can be cut into a project when creating a new digital master.

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