Show #8 8mm Jealousy: The Consequences of Switching From Film to Digital (Feb. 27)

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Can a fictional short film fuel or influence our belief about a topic?  Are filmmakers who “grew up” shooting on super 8 film in film school or in their professional work now conflicted about their move to shooting on a DSLR?  How do you decide when it is better to shoot on film or better to shoot on digital? What are the archival considerations of shooting one over the other?  What is the cost and quality differential?

0-1Our guests this week, Aaron D. Martin and Deepti Kalsi are seasoned filmmakers and the owners of Film Monk. Their new short film 8mm Jealousy is an interpretive piece that depicts this very topic. The concept is a simple one: A man is being stalked by his neglected Super 8mm camera.  He’s turned his back on “Maggie” and taken up with a home-wrecking DSLR.  Maggie is not the kind of camera to take this laying down.

0The filmmakers were faced with an unusual dilemma.  Through editing choices and sound design, they had to make an inanimate object appear to have the subtle emotions of a jilted lover.  “Maggie’s” point of view was shot on film to give viewers a better sense of Maggie’s isolation in a digital world.  The intimacy of film also helps the audience to sympathize with Maggie.  Super 8mm just feels like you’re watching a memory.

Guest Bios

ADM_headshotAaron D. Martin is a filmmaker with a love of weird humor and the idea that machines are people too (and vice-versa). Aaron’s the Writer/Director of the sci-fi action film, Archangel Alpha.  He is also the creator of the Film Monk YouTube channel and Blog.  He is based in the SF Bay Area.



DK_headshotDeepti Kalsi is a filmmaker in the SF Bay Area. In addition to enjoying the Producer role, she dabbles in being an Assistant Director, Art Director, and occasionally Make-up Artist.  Deepti also relishes the opportunity to share her photography through her endeavor DeepTeaStudios.


This weeks “TECH TALK WITH PHIL VIGEANT”  (4th segment of the show) gave Phil and Rhonda the opportunity to banter the studios position and in many cases, hesitation to abandon film completely.  How does a major Academy Award Winning Film like Argo make a plea to the studios to include scenes originated on Super 8 film?

What is the position of film investors, directors  and cinematoraphers?

Is their “film envy”  and how do we keep the technology alive!

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