Show # 9 Opening Pandora’s Box – Home Movies as Physical Evidence (Mar. 6)

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Home movies help us shift our focus and transform our understanding so we can move forward in our life. They are the most organic form of physical evidence we have about our families. A study of our home movies, because of their organic nature also has powerful healing potential. They can give us breakthroughs and ah-ha moments. As we study our home movies, we may get answers we have long been searching for. But as we get answers, we also have more questions. Is there something that we always wanted to know the answer to, but perhaps were afraid to ask? Are their family secrets to be revealed?


This week, our host Rhonda Vigeant interviewed family members live while visiting Florida to collect more information about her legacy. The show covers important practical and ethical
tips about how to handle asking those questions you always wanted to know the answers to, but didn’t know how to (or if you should) ask. While home movies are a treasure trove, what is at risk when it transforms into a “PANDORA”S BOX”? What are the considerations of asking family members about fragile relationships, or the risk of revealing secrets or skeletons? What is the responsibility of the person who is asking the questions, and what position does it put the family historian in. Listen to this show to find out some great best practices, and hear 3 generations of family share what the family home movies mean to them.

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