HML packages
Millions of feet of super 8, regular 8 and 16mm film have been digitally mastered on one of Pro8mm’s industry professional scanners. We offer 6 different all inclusive packages based on our 3 distinct workflows. Click below for details and to order!
All scans include prep and clean of the film onto archival safe reels, and our un-scheduled discount.
Free Flash Drive, Hard Drive or DVD Copies over 1200 Feet!
*200 ft minimum on all orders
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Scanning with Audio:
Super 8 Main Track, 16mm optical & magnetic HD
Super 8 Main Track, 16mm optical & magnetic SD
Super 8 2 Track, Regular 8 with sound HD
Super 8/16mm Mag Full Coast SD or HD
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Video to Digital Encoding:
Home Movies: Mini-DV, VHS, Hi-8, DVD
Professional: DV-CAM, Beta SP, 3/4″ tape
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Get REEL About Your Home Movie Legacy… Before Its Too Late! – Book & E-Book
Order your copy or digital download of Get REEL About Your Home Movie Legacy… Before Its Too Late!
Click to Order Book $16.95
Click to Order E-Book $12.95

The Power of Super 8 Film – Book & E-Book
The Power of Super 8 film is a step by step guide to using the super 8 medium in modern filmmaking applications.
Click to Order Book $14.95
Click to Order E-Book $10.00


Rhonda Cam
When you want the moment captured forever – SHOOT on a Super 8 Film camera! Still a classic! The Rhonda CAM is our complete restoration and adaptation of the Canon 310 XL. Named after the company’s co-owner, the Rhonda CAM has the world’s fastest lens speed of f/1.0 3x xoom, with macro. It has the professional application of being the lowest light film camera on the market! With its “toy-like” appearance and petite size, the Rhonda CAM is the world’s most personal point and shoot Super 8 camera.
Super 8 Film Kit
That’s How We Roll! SHOOT important events on Super 8 Film! The Super 8 Film Kit is a complete workflow designed for capturing personal preservation on film. Includes: film, processing, pre-paid mailer, digital scanning, and emailed digital file via Dropbox.

Hard Drives / Flash Drives
Hard Drives and Flash Drives that are meant for your movie media!
Create a Still Photo From Your Film
Please call 818-848-5522 and ask a team member how you can create a still photo from your film.

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