Many people are not aware of all the options they have when having their home movies transferred to digital. While putting them on a DVD is convenient, you can’t do much with it. DVD’s are hard to edit, and out of sequence reels can not be easily fixed.  Plus, a DVD is just a low quality copy of your fantastic original home movie film.

Today, most people want their films transferred as computer files (called a Codec) and put on a hard drive so they can do fantastic things with them. You can edit your clips on a home system that comes with your computer, such as iMovie.  Add music or oral histories. Post clips on Facebook. Upload the films to YouTube or Vimeo on your own channel.  Stream the content over the internet to get that big theater experience on your HD Flat Screen TV.  You get the picture!

These are unedited pieces of raw footage that have been transferred by our partner company, Pro8mm on state of the art professional scanning equipment.  This is the same equipment used for archival or legacy footage is used in a major motion picture, tv show, commercial, documentary or for a museaum or archive. It is broadcast quality!  Isn’t that the way you would like to honor your family?  For more information on HD scanning, go to

A Home Movie Transfer Professionally Color Corrected Transfer vs. A One Light Transfer

Scanning Home Movies in 1080p

Scanning Home Movies in 1080i

Framing Home Movies In 1080